This page contains the most updated information on the  themes, schedule, reading lists and exercises.

NMTS Spring 2015 – Workshop (3 cr)



The workshop runs from 23.1 until 27.1, everyday from 9 am until 4:oo pm  at ARTS Media Lab premises (Miestentie 3 – Espoo Room 417 ) unless otherwise noticed.

Pre-workshop: Participants will receive a reading package  with instructions 1 week before the WS. We expect people to get familiar with the materials before hand and come to the first session with questions and observations (written down) related to the readings.

23.02 Intro to the theme and first exercise

9:00 Intro to the course and people (Andrea and Mariana )

10:00 am Gendered based Violence and Violence Against Women: current situation in Finland and available services, (Pia Oksanen – Naisten Linja)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Exercise: Women experiences

14:30 Group Discussion

24.2 Services for Third Sector/  Challenges and boundaries

9.00: Working with Third Sector organizations, Noora Jokinen

10.00: Short review of analysis and the ideas we made during brainstorming together with Noora

11.00: Presentation: Basic vocabulary (Customer journey, touch points, blueprints, etc) (Andrea and Mariana)

11.15: Exercise: Dissecting NL existing services (Andrea and Mariana)

12.30: lunch

13.30:  Group work: Deep into a topic! (Andrea and Mariana)

15.00: Presentations of the ideas and group discussion

25.2 Storytelling and scenarios: refining, prototyping and analyzing

9.00: Intro and group work: Development of different scenarios from different points of view for one concept.

13: 00 Presenting the scenarios: Feedback and discussion with Naisten Linja (xx)

15.00: Presentation (Andrea and Mariana)

15.15:  Group work: Second iteration of the scenario + blueprint

26.2 Prototyping

10.30: Check point (Andrea)

13:00: Group work

27.2 Pitching ideas (NOTE: This session takes place in Aalto Service Factory Co-create room)

10:00 Group work

14:00 Final Presentations and discussion. Every concept should be presented by a 10 min AV stand alone presentation that documents the process briefly and introduces the main concept, the components and possible next steps.

Post-workshop: Participants should prepare a “Manual” that can guide Naisten Linja to develop the concept further (group work) Detailed instructions and template for that will be given during the WS. In addition a learning diary (4 -5 A4 pages) should be delivered to the course instructors (individual work), there will also be clear guidelines for  making it.


The study project runs from 19.1 (or 26.1 depending on availability) until 4.5 2015 on Mondays from 13 to 15 or 16 (depending on the activity).