Faculty responsible:

Andrea Botero Cabrera, Researcher

Sanna Marttila, Researcher

Mariana Salgado, Post Doctoral Researcher

Teemu Leinonen Teemu Leinonen, Professor

Invited Experts (2015)

Pia Oksanen – Naisten Linja ry

Noora Jokinen – Communications Specialist

Students (2015)

Pauliina Ikävalko DA student in New Media – Media Lab

Pauliina is studying for a doctoral degree at Media lab. Her thesis is going to be about improving the user experience of organizational information systems. Pauliina’s ambition and passion is to make the complex professional life a little bit easier with the help of interaction design of organizational and enterprise systems. She has worked with usability and user interfaces since the year 2001, before that with visual communication and graphic design.

Sonja Meriläinen: MA student  International Design Business Management
minor: Dynamic Visualization in New Media

I’m an industrial designer from my background with an emphasis on service design and design management. Besides my studies, I’m currently working in a design agency specialized in the field of healthcare, my tasks revolving around user experience and usability. Naisten Linja project sounded really interesting to me as it is not only a project done for the third sector where the premises for projects might be slightly different, but it’s a real opportunity to help women who have experienced violence and actually contribute for a good cause. I’m looking for to get new perspectives on service design tools and methods

Riikka Lahdensuo: Non-degree Student – Media Lab

Works as Senior advisor at the Marketing unit of the City of Helsinki being responsible of media relations and university co-operation. Previously she has worked with the international relations of the City of Helsinki.  She has graduated from the University of Tampere having her major in International Relations and minor in Journalism.  During her study leave in spring 2015, she participates at the Media Lab courses as a non-degree student. She has special interest in storytelling and third sector co-operation by the means of new media.

Bokyung Kim: MA student in New Media in Media Lab.

I decided to take this course because I would like to design something that actually contributes to make the world a better place. I believe this course will be great chance for me to get familiar with third sector organizations and working for them.

Juulia Juutilainen: MA student in New Media in Media Lab.

I am studying New Media Design and Production as my major. Before this I studied at Helsinki University, where I did my MA in comparative religion. I’m interested in culture, society and civil activism, and thus a study project within the third sector is a fascinating opportunity for me.