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Peace mapping

Peace mapping an interesting example of utilizing visualizations for facilitating peace processes. From the site: Peace Mapping is like simultaneous visual translation of a wayfinding process: as mediators guide the parties in conflict, and parties create their solutions to build … Continue reading

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Collecting: Ways of telling and collecting stories

Some sites relating to telling and collecting stories:

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Groups and next steps

Thank you all for your excellent ideas presented when we last met. After discussion around these and areas of interest, we have now grouped ourselves around two themes, which we’ve named data/information ‘representation’ and ‘collection’. Representation is linked to the … Continue reading

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Collecting: Origins of aggression part 2

Hannu Lauerma’s book about evil is worth the read, sorry, it’s in Finnish only.

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Collecting: Origins of aggression

On the topic of, why we fight: About midway there’s some interesting (and disputable) toughts about origins of aggression.  

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Meeting today

We’ll meet in the Media Lab corridor, outside the room we had last, Jukka will then guide us to our room, we’ll leave a note for those who come late.  See you soon!

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Data visualizing by Jer Thorp

Not sure if you have seen this.. I came across this work by Jer Thorp. He is currently the Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times. This was done using Processing. Some of his work emulates data in … Continue reading

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Determining groups and focus

As agreed on Monday, we’ll meet next on Wednesday 9.3, at 10 am in Media Lab (we’ll post room nr) to, based on this weeks discussions with CMI, determine our final groups and themes. We’ll also link a course staff … Continue reading

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Monday workshop – Q&A with CMI experts

On Monday 28.02. the course participants have met at CMI, starting at 12:00. Thank you for getting interesting insights on multi-stakeholder dialogue from a selection of CMI’s experts. Please find attached a summary of the discussion points. Based on the … Continue reading

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Ethan Zuckerman’s observations on role of (social) media in Middle East

Ethan Zuckerman is a central blogger when looking at global communciation, social media in developing countries and so on. He has posted really interesting stuff on the role social media and other media had and has in the Middle East: … Continue reading

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