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Concept #4 : Plan B

Plan B – “Well planned is half-done!”  is a concept for women who are considering if they should leave their relationship because of abusive/violent experiences. In that kind of situation women face many barriers and there are normally a lot … Continue reading

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1 week workshop: Digital services for NaistenLinja

A 1 week (3 credits) workshop on designing new online support services for woman that have experience violence or threat of violence (23.2 – 27.2). During the workshop we will explore the role that digital services have (might have) and … Continue reading

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Meeting notes: kick-off on 17.10.

Juho took some notes, which I copy-pasted from the email to here (thank you Juho!): Here are some notes from our meeting. Action points for the next meeting are at the end. 1. Course blog. The communication during the course … Continue reading

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Thank you for impressive work!

The course teams have visited the CMI office to present their work in an brown bag lunch on Tuesday 24.5.. CMI staff was impressed by the work delivered and both Media Lab and CMI are now looking into how these … Continue reading

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Feedback and criticism to consider and to discuss about

Yesterday we made the first presentation of the two concepts. It is a time to start discussion on how we could elaborate, improve and put them forward. Design process like this should always be iterative and experimental. Keep a Green … Continue reading

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Presentation at CMI’s Every Peace Matters Seminar

We presented our two concepts today at CMI’s Every Peace Matters Seminar, celebrating the 10 years of existence of the organisation. The Peace Pack Concept was designed for the collection and sharing of uniting stories in post-conflict settings. We’ve made … Continue reading

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Can we change 8.4 to 7.4 pls?

Hi – last week we agreed to meet on the 8.4 in the evening at 17pm.. could we change the date to Thurdsay 7.4 from 17pm – 19 pm, we could meet at Siltanen on Hämeentie 13.  Sorry about the … Continue reading

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Managing Public Information in a Mediation Process

This is an interesting publication to be considered, especially for the representation / visualization group: USIP –  Managing Public Information in a Mediation Process: Those who mediate international conflicts must communicate publicly with a wide variety of audiences, from governments … Continue reading

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Can you post meeting info pls?

There are a few students who were unable to attend the last all group planning meeting, they would like to join one of the two sub-groups but are out of the loop in regards to meeting dates/places.. could you be … Continue reading

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Collecting: The Forum Theatre

Here’s a little background info on the Forum Theatre or the Theatre of the Oppressed mentioned in the meeting today. (in Finnish)

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