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Second day: Mapping concepts

Noora Jokinen gave a lecture about how it is to work for third sector organizations, especially in Finland. She talked about organization culture and the challenges that these organizations are facing in Finland, for example to recruit new members, to … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Workshop

In order to prepare for the workshop we are asking everybody to get familiar with the following 4 readings before the workshop. Some Facts and Background information 1) World Heath Organization (2014) Violence against Women – Fact Sheet # 239. … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Reading list

Most of the sessions are accompanied by a reading list. Usually 2-4 obligatory articles and some suggested additional readings. We will be updating the list here, check it before each session. Participants should: 1) read before each session ALL the … Continue reading

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Mapping of crisis data, an example

From an article in the German online magazine SpiegelOnline, I found a great example of “data mapping in crisis situations”. During the tragic bush fires in Australia, the association of volunteer firefighters in Victoria, CFA, published their data about the … Continue reading

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Hey – thanks for today’s meeting. I mentioned Episurvyor, I think it’s worth a look.  Also, check out the ‘storytelling’ map used by UNICEF ..

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Epidemiology 2.0

I spent some initial thoughts on the utilization of semantic technologies for health-related web services, a topic I consider very interesting. I have always been fascinated by projects mining data based on semantic algorithms, such as We Feel Fine (correlating … Continue reading

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In Matkalla -blog (containing usability issues and more) there is an interesting post about advertisement that seeks to tap into the deeper and not solely upbeat feelings of the consumer. The post is in Finnish but the quotes are in … Continue reading

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Event: Practical Design for Social Action

I found this information about a workshop in the UK in May 15th organizers are PRADSA (Practical Design for Social Action) and the topic is “Designing the Techniques and Tools that Shape the Future – Social and Technical Challenges ”, … Continue reading

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Developing a Brief / wed 07.02.07 4pm 3rd floor meeting room

We are meeting 07.02.07 to start collecting ideas for developing the brief. This is the next step and second deliverable of the project: Your own brief. Turo will introduce some of his experinces in making a brief for media/advertisement settings. … Continue reading

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web 2.0 and human rights, views from a professional activist

During the past LIFT conference in Geneve, Amnesty international had a “Provocation about web 2.0 and human rights” presented by Helen Suarez and Dan McQuillan (webmaster of AI) the video is in Google Video. In there they discuss the potentials … Continue reading

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