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Spreading the word: Embedding as a means of advocacy – a soft approach to social media

Our concept is a small Flash application that any web user (WHO’s partners and the media/bloggers in particular) can embed to their site. The tool can show either a selected piece of WHO information – the most typical pieces being … Continue reading

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Group 3: Debrief and some sightseeing (Day 3 of the Geneva trip)

Saturday was the day of our return flight. Luckily, the departure was only in the afternoon, so we had several hours to explore Geneva and the surroundings a little. After dropping off our luggage at the railway station, we took … Continue reading

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Group 3: Visiting WHO and OCHA (Day 2 of the Geneva trip)

The day started with Leila showing us around on the huge areal of the UN, first from the outside, including a visit to the famous flag alley. Then we still had a little time to walk around inside, strolling along … Continue reading

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Group 3: Finalizing our material for the WHO visit (Day 1 of the Geneva trip)

Group 3 is the first group to visit WHO headquarters. After leaving Helsinki in the afternoon, we used the time on the flights to dive into even more material, discuss our ideas and frame our concept idea into what we … Continue reading

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Group3: Mission and concept update

Here’s the refined (and shortened) version of our group’s targets, from a meeting earlier today. Based on some benchmarking and research done individually (focusing on the Gaza and Zimbabwe crisis to have a comparative set of data), we further narrowed … Continue reading

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Mapping of crisis data, an example

From an article in the German online magazine SpiegelOnline, I found a great example of “data mapping in crisis situations”. During the tragic bush fires in Australia, the association of volunteer firefighters in Victoria, CFA, published their data about the … Continue reading

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Group3: Information Management & Representation

After examining WHO’s website, we felt that there are a lot of information not so well organized. We aim to check through the data and information WHO-HAC already had and might approach, and build the information core structure. So that … Continue reading

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