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Fourth day – Sketching, drawing, printing, refining!

Today we have been mostly eating grapes, doodling on paper and moving pixels on the screens. We have by now a set of 4 ideas we are trying to flesh out into more concrete concepts during the day. Tomorrow is … Continue reading

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Second day: Mapping concepts

Noora Jokinen gave a lecture about how it is to work for third sector organizations, especially in Finland. She talked about organization culture and the challenges that these organizations are facing in Finland, for example to recruit new members, to … Continue reading

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Final deliverables: marking files, giving credits, adding metadata

Hei, Teemu asked me to do a short reminder about packaging the information and presentations of the whole project that we discussed. A summary of what we agree: 1) Every group will write one blog post with the concept name … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing crisis information

After reading the previous entries I in my turn started to think action in the actual location of the crisis. How could people who are affected by a crisis be empowered to help themselves and help WHO to help them… … Continue reading

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Some toughs about toolkit & Storytelling

Personally I am interested in teaching/learning and storytelling. Reading the WHO post  I saw two point that  I am interested in : “toolkit” of essential health emergency management documents and country information and storytelling describing motivation to work in WHO. … Continue reading

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Amnesty and torture

Here are some links and documents about Amnesty´s recent work on torture. I hope this helps!

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Event: Practical Design for Social Action

I found this information about a workshop in the UK in May 15th organizers are PRADSA (Practical Design for Social Action) and the topic is “Designing the Techniques and Tools that Shape the Future – Social and Technical Challenges ”, … Continue reading

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web 2.0 and human rights, views from a professional activist

During the past LIFT conference in Geneve, Amnesty international had a “Provocation about web 2.0 and human rights” presented by Helen Suarez and Dan McQuillan (webmaster of AI) the video is in Google Video. In there they discuss the potentials … Continue reading

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Bed-time reading

3 suggestions for assorted inspiration. It would be nice if you can collect more as comments to this post. Design Like You Give a Damn ISBN 1-933045-25-6 Ed by Architecture for Humanity A compendium of innovative architectural projects from around … Continue reading

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Notes from Petri Merenlahti’s presentation on 28.11.06

I am gathering here some of the notes I collected from his presentation and will kindly ask all of you to contribute with other insights and points for the benefit of those that where not present, and for comparing ideas. … Continue reading

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