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Plan: three “products” / deliverables

Sorry that this took some time. I already got a reply from Ilpo and you probably got it from Andrea. He was already pointing out some topics which could be the content of the online viral campaign. In the meeting … Continue reading

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Some comments to challenges

Here are some comments to challenges you found important. From my viewpoint there are two main challenges, internal communication and web-presence, but I tried to combine and comment others as well. It was interesting to read your thoughts. I would … Continue reading

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I’m on similar tracks as Jukka and possibly repeating his (and other already mentioned) ideas, only in other words. Besides referring to Amnesty as a house, we may also think Amnesty as a user interface into human rights activism. Human … Continue reading

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The Big, Bad Briefing and the Three Small Challenges

Here´s the presentation. And the very basic creative brief document. creative_brief (pdf) and briefing (pdf) The challenges with Amnesty Finland might be 1) The recognition of Amnesty´s actions in public (press coverage) 2) The credibility of Amnesty towards Finnish government … Continue reading

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