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Prevent. Protect. Immunize. (in Europe, too)

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GROUP 1 – New Concept: “Helping people help themselves”

In disaster situations it always takes some time before any authorities are able to react. In the meantime, people affected can already start to help themselves and other people. Our mission is to enable communication, co-ordination and distribution of the … Continue reading

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Next meeting Wed 8.4. 14:00 and the blog outage

As you may have noticed, this blog was down for the period 29.3 – 3.4. An old server that kept the database of this and few other less-used WordPress blogs broke down. As an extra complication, all of media labs … Continue reading

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WHO staff visit

Leila Parkkali from WHO Geneva will be joining us on Wed (as long as Finnair does not go on strike), first meeting at 10 am as agreed.

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Tuesday 10.3 Mtg Cancelled

Paul will not be able to make it here this week, however, it looks like they will be able to send a colleague.. tomorrow’s mtg is hence cancelled, but Wednesday’s group mtgs still remain.  Paul will come here after April … Continue reading

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Disaster communications

The UNF and Vodafone partnership is helping WFP develop their disaster communications, worth a look.

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Make text, not war

Another example of mobile use from Kenya..  the mhealth report provides a number of other good examples from the field.

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Visit from WHO

Paul will most likely be visiting us 10-11 March.  Let’s discuss the agenda tomorrow.. On another note, these are interesting times for the international health/development sector, one of the latest events being the creation of a new mhealth alliance.. we … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the common cold

“The Magnificent Project ill-me – Developing the social media illerapplication (and getting rid of the common cold)” Markus Bergman and Wesa Aapro presented their health related startup company. Some of the material was confidential, but the project blog should give … Continue reading

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Group 1: Enabling initial communication in a disaster area

Group mission: Enabling communication in ad-hoc networks between people affected by disasters using only mobile devices, sharing information gathered by this network, helping the WHO field teams to support and coordinate health action also with local people, authorities and independent … Continue reading

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