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Meeting notes: kick-off on 17.10.

Juho took some notes, which I copy-pasted from the email to here (thank you Juho!): Here are some notes from our meeting. Action points for the next meeting are at the end. 1. Course blog. The communication during the course … Continue reading

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Study project Autumn 2011 starts on Monday 17.10. at 12:00: Case Aidbrella

We are ready to start a new study project under the umbrella of the New Media Concepts for the Third Sector. To get familiar with the objective and the history of the New Media Concepts for the Third Sector it … Continue reading

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Feedback and criticism to consider and to discuss about

Yesterday we made the first presentation of the two concepts. It is a time to start discussion on how we could elaborate, improve and put them forward. Design process like this should always be iterative and experimental. Keep a Green … Continue reading

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Production week (4-8.4.) kickoff on Monday 4.4. 10 AM

We are approaching the deadline of the concept presentations and should use the coming week to¬†crystallize the concepts and to prepare the presentation materials. We agreed to meet on Monday 4.8. 10 AM in the Media Lab 3rd floor meeting … Continue reading

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Collecting: mobile digital story telling concepts

Yesterday we discussed about the concept of having a mobile set for video / movie presentation and production. I mentioned some examples of these: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production … Continue reading

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Meeting tomorrow at 9 in the Media Lab’s 3rd floor meeting room

We will meet tomorrow for an open discussion about the possible approaches in the concept development for the CMI. In addition to discussion on the possible themes and early idea generation activities we should update the site with your information … Continue reading

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Study Project 2011: Exploring New Media Concepts for Conflict Resolution

The 2011 study project is a collaboration with the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a Finnish independent non-profit organization that works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace. CMI is now seeking to utilize more new media and new media … Continue reading

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Rescue communication solutions

In an early stage of our study project we met with Nokia-Simens Networks people with a group of engineering students of the Helsinki University of Technology TKK. They were having a study project were students assignment was to create rescue … Continue reading

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Flu Wiki

When following the media circus around the swine flu I have been thinking what would be a good source of information to follow the development. Naturally the WHO website is the best place to check the latest news, but if … Continue reading

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Prevent. Protect. Immunize. (in Europe, too)

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