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Can we change 8.4 to 7.4 pls?

Hi – last week we agreed to meet on the 8.4 in the evening at 17pm.. could we change the date to Thurdsay 7.4 from 17pm – 19 pm, we could meet at Siltanen on Hämeentie 13.  Sorry about the … Continue reading

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Can you post meeting info pls?

There are a few students who were unable to attend the last all group planning meeting, they would like to join one of the two sub-groups but are out of the loop in regards to meeting dates/places.. could you be … Continue reading

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Groups and next steps

Thank you all for your excellent ideas presented when we last met. After discussion around these and areas of interest, we have now grouped ourselves around two themes, which we’ve named data/information ‘representation’ and ‘collection’. Representation is linked to the … Continue reading

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Meeting today

We’ll meet in the Media Lab corridor, outside the room we had last, Jukka will then guide us to our room, we’ll leave a note for those who come late.  See you soon!

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Determining groups and focus

As agreed on Monday, we’ll meet next on Wednesday 9.3, at 10 am in Media Lab (we’ll post room nr) to, based on this weeks discussions with CMI, determine our final groups and themes. We’ll also link a course staff … Continue reading

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Info related to today’s discussion

Thanks for the productive discussions today!  Here’s a link to an article from Scientific America about the potential of crowdsourced data in reacting to, among others, human rights abuses.   The organization Digital Democracy also has some ‘inspiration’ cases that … Continue reading

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H1N1 and CDC’s textbook social media use

Amazing the way swine flu/H1N1 was picked up by social media, when WHO raised the pandemic level to an alarming 5 (out of 6), panicked people across the globe turned to the Internet for information. Throughout this feverish online activity, … Continue reading

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WHO staff visit

Leila Parkkali from WHO Geneva will be joining us on Wed (as long as Finnair does not go on strike), first meeting at 10 am as agreed.

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Tuesday 10.3 Mtg Cancelled

Paul will not be able to make it here this week, however, it looks like they will be able to send a colleague.. tomorrow’s mtg is hence cancelled, but Wednesday’s group mtgs still remain.  Paul will come here after April … Continue reading

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Disaster communications

The UNF and Vodafone partnership is helping WFP develop their disaster communications, worth a look.

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