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Results from the Suomenlinna workshop!

Last wednesday, the 12th of March, was our last session for the NMTS study project. It has been a long study project, spanning the autumn and spring semesters. It was also full of ups and downs, with the political situation … Continue reading

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Suomenlinna WS

2 days intensive WS at Suomenlinna led by Anna, Nina and Fransisco, with Alt City group (David, Akshay, Katharina) and MENA group (Doreen, Andreas, Pirkka, and Pouyan). Lots of talk, ideas, doodles, computer work, music, food, relay running competition, some … Continue reading

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Beirut comes to Helsinki!

The situation in Lebanon being what it is, we did not receive the aproaval from our university to take the trip we had planned to Beirut. Needless to say, this was a serious blow :((( However, we have the pleasure … Continue reading

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Spring semester starts!

Vesa, Laura, Akshay, Pouyan, Merja, Katharina, Andreas, Pirkka and hopefully Sasha are continuing with  our Helsinki-Beirut work in the NMTS study project! Our first meeting took place on 15.1 and we already got down to thinking of interesting concepts for … Continue reading

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Assignment: cases from Helsinki

  4.11.2013: For this session, please come to the class with your choice of case study (you can have a list of different ones). During class, we will discuss them and create working groups and choose which case study will … Continue reading

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It was nice to see you yesterday (14.10) and hope to see next time those who could not make it! Do remember that attendance is obligatory. As mentioned yesterday, if, for some force majeure, you can’t make it, please inform … Continue reading

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Case 2013-2014: Helsinki-Beirut!

This Autumn and Spring semester, we will explore the role of digital tools in civic society — ranging from social media to digital fabrication and emergent production and collaboration modes, such as Do It Yourself, Do It with Others, hacker … Continue reading

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Siivouspäivän digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) results and small questionnaire

*** If you have participated in the Siivouspäivä digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) on 16.3.2013, please answer our online questionnaire! It takes 5-10 minutes 🙂 Thanks! *** The time has come to look back at the Siivouspäivän digitalkoot/Cleaning day hackathon event that … Continue reading

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Lessons from Restaurant day mobile camp

We had the pleasure to listen to an enlightening talk by Jyrki Vanamo and Jonathan Ben-Ami about their experiences in organizing and taking part in the Restaurant day hackathon (mobile camp = 50 hours coding apps for restaurant day). A … Continue reading

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First assignment: Case studies of New Media for third sector and other social movements

We have made a booklet collecting the results from the first assignment. The students presented examples of movements similar in spirit to Cleaning day. These included e.g. Carrot mob, Beirut green project, guerilla gardening and much more! The summaries of … Continue reading

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