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Keep a Green Tree

Keep a Green Tree is a visualization for displaying results of many different peace activities at once. It can be used to collect together pieces of peace journalism and results of several small projects. It emphasizes the good news and … Continue reading

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We have trees!

Our representation/visualization -group will be growing trees all over the crisis map. Every piece of data will grow the tree of that area, and good news keep it healthy.

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Questions for CMI

These are the questions that our group has for CMI at this point. 1) What kind of data do you usually have from the middle of the pyramid? We are assuming that the other collecting-group is collecting from lower part … Continue reading

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Momentum of Peace

In last meeting we agreed to divide into two groups with general themes of collecting and representing the progress of peace process. Our group is working on how to represent the peace process. Our primary goal is to help middle-to-high … Continue reading

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Joining the course blog (mandatory!)

Everyone on this course should have an account to this blog to be able to post and comment. Please send me ( jukka.purma –*at*– )  an email with your name and your aalto-id, or shortname (example: Pekka Pohjalainen  -> … Continue reading

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Second meeting notes, the four themes and initial groups

The discussion was very interesting and reached a wide area of topics: The four main themes that we picked out from the discussion are: 1. Verifying gossip tweets: finding ways to fact-check and raise the quality of short messages influencing … Continue reading

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Next meeting Wed 8.4. 14:00 and the blog outage

As you may have noticed, this blog was down for the period 29.3 – 3.4. An old server that kept the database of this and few other less-used WordPress blogs broke down. As an extra complication, all of media labs … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the common cold

“The Magnificent Project ill-me – Developing the social media illerapplication (and getting rid of the common cold)” Markus Bergman and Wesa Aapro presented their health related startup company. Some of the material was confidential, but the project blog should give … Continue reading

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Photos available

Camille Pillon from WHO provided us with photos from WHO emergency activity around the world. These can be used in your projects. Collaboration wiki has the instructions how to access the files (inside Media Lab only, there are over 300 … Continue reading

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Whiteboard of today’s meeting

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