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Anne Naukkarinen, Mads Crone Köser, Philip Kongsgaard Døssing (team 1). Concept website: Download a documentation package (zip) containing a keynote presentation and two posters of the concept. A video demonstrating a mobile prototype will be uploaded to the website … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing crisis information

After reading the previous entries I in my turn started to think action in the actual location of the crisis. How could people who are affected by a crisis be empowered to help themselves and help WHO to help them… … Continue reading

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In Matkalla -blog (containing usability issues and more) there is an interesting post about advertisement that seeks to tap into the deeper and not solely upbeat feelings of the consumer. The post is in Finnish but the quotes are in … Continue reading

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I’m on similar tracks as Jukka and possibly repeating his (and other already mentioned) ideas, only in other words. Besides referring to Amnesty as a house, we may also think Amnesty as a user interface into human rights activism. Human … Continue reading

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Club Amnesty at Kuudes Linja on Sat 6.1.

Happy New Year to all! I just noticed this event and possibility to meet activists while enjoying elektropop: CLUB AMNESTY, Saturday 6.1. at Kuudes Linja Live: Regina, Tv-Resistori Dj:t Erkko ja Halo Amnestyn järjestämällä hyväntekeväisyysklubilla tehdään hyvää ihmisoikeuksille sekä tanssijaloille. … Continue reading

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