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Our hackathon is happening: Siivouspäivän digitalkoot 16.3.13

We have been busy preparing the hackathon for Cleaning day. After some brainstorming and preparations we decided to call it a digital “raising barn event” or digitalkoot (in Finish) to hint at the fact that we will be working in … Continue reading

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Working with Github: version control and git explained

In our last session Kimmo Karhu (Aalto SCI) gave is a short introduction to Git and GitHub, some of the key contemporary tools out there to carry out open and collaborative projects. GitHub is mostly used by software projects to … Continue reading

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Getting people involved and engaged

Last session we had two nice presentations, here the links to the materials that Jaako and Sanna shared with us How to get people involved (Jaako Blomberg) via slideshare. Based on Jaako’s experiences having participated, started, produced, followed and also … Continue reading

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Third Assignment: Ideas for the Hackathon

The third assignment is built around collecting ideas, inspiration and practical information for planning, designing and producing our hackathon. The hackathon date is 15 of March (-+)! 1) Search for other examples on the web of past hackathons or hackday … Continue reading

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Second Assingment (Reading List 1)

Assignment # 2 consist of a series of  first readings + short summary, Due date 15.02.2013 Read all (3) three obligatory readings, then write a summary for one of them (which one for which student will be decided in class). … Continue reading

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2013 case: “Cleaning day”

Social media tools and services are revolutionizing how we conduct our everyday lives, communicate and work together.  Drawing upon the experience, insight and visions of Cleaning Day citizen’s movement in Helsinki  (Finland) during the study project we will explore the … Continue reading

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Information day slides, next meetings and some links

There is still a chance to join the study project! If you are interested get in touch with Teemu. Meanwhile here some documentation as during the meeting on Friday February 11th we went through some practicalities of the course and … Continue reading

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Final presentations: video conference with WHO headquarters

The final session of the project took place 8 May, 13 – 15 pm (12:00-14:00 GVA), at third floor lecture room here in Media Lab Helsinki. During the session MA students presented the results of their design research efforts during … Continue reading

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Final deliverables: marking files, giving credits, adding metadata

Hei, Teemu asked me to do a short reminder about packaging the information and presentations of the whole project that we discussed. A summary of what we agree: 1) Every group will write one blog post with the concept name … Continue reading

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An interesting conference: The Soul of the New Machine

Participants of the course and followers of this blog might be interested in a conference that the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley is organizing. The conference is called The Soul of the New Machine, and explores the link between … Continue reading

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