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Preparing for the Workshop

In order to prepare for the workshop we are asking everybody to get familiar with the following 4 readings before the workshop. Some Facts and Background information 1) World Heath Organization (2014) Violence against Women – Fact Sheet # 239. … Continue reading

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1 week workshop: Digital services for NaistenLinja

A 1 week (3 credits) workshop on designing new online support services for woman that have experience violence or threat of violence (23.2 – 27.2). During the workshop we will explore the role that digital services have (might have) and … Continue reading

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Spring 2015 partner: Naisten Linja ry (women’s line)

We are very happy to announce that during the spring 2015 our partner will be Naisten Linja ry (Women´s Line) a Finnish NGO that provides support and advice for women and girls (also their friends and relatives) who have experienced … Continue reading

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What we have been up to

It is November already and our study project is coming closer to the “fields” where we aim to make an intervention. In this post I will make links to some of the materials that our guests and us have been … Continue reading

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Meet Anna and Nina

Anna Asikainen and Nina Martin are key people for this year’s study project #Helsinki/Beirut. They will help us coordinating the study project and guiding the students throughout the course, especially with regards to the activities and project work done in … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Reading list

Most of the sessions are accompanied by a reading list. Usually 2-4 obligatory articles and some suggested additional readings. We will be updating the list here, check it before each session. Participants should: 1) read before each session ALL the … Continue reading

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Cleaning Day: Final presentations 31.5.2013

Last 31st of may we have the last session of the course with presentations and critique session. Many ideas for cleaning day development! Here a brief outline of the concepts and links to the final presentation materials. Thanks all the … Continue reading

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Cleaning day approaching… interventions in planning!

This lasts weeks we have been busy sketching, planning and preparing our design research interventions for Cleaning day, it will happen 25th of May. Ideas were numerous, some cleverly ambitious some neat and simple. We believe they are all good … Continue reading

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Social movements and social media in the welfare state

Last class Pauliina Seppälä (MA Social Policy) gave us a very interesting presentation dealing with some basic concepts of the nordic model of the welfare state (as context / infra / stage) and what it has to do with for … Continue reading

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Fourth assignment: Reading list #2

Assignment # 4: readings + short summary, Due date 12.4.13 Read all three obligatory readings, but write a summary of one of them (which one for which student will be decided in class). Send it through email to Joanna and … Continue reading

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