Schedule (Helsinki/Beirut 2014)

This page contains the most updated information on the course themes, schedule, reading lists and assignments

Schedule Spring 2014

During Spring 2014, we will meet on Wednesdays, 13-16, in different locations on campus. Please note that due to the difficult political situation in Lebanon, the trip might not take place. We will discuss all the option during the first session on 15.1, so please be there!

15.1 PLANNING THE SPRING (real world situation!) – Place: Aalto Media Factory’s Auditorium

22.1 CONCEPT BUILDING – Place: Aalto BIZ, Arkadia building, Lapuankatu 2, room E 128 (Please notice that is NOT the BIZ main building, but another one not far –> Google map)

29.1 NO CLASS – MLAB WS week


Anne Badan (Aalto Global Impact): remote collaboration and learning spaces


Fabian Sepulveda is an Entrepreneurship lecturer, Lean Launchpad trainer, and startup coach at the Aalto University School of Business and the Aalto Ventures Program. He will talk to us about the Aalto entrepreneurship ecosystem.





Schedule Fall 2013

Note: the study projects takes place on mondays, 13-16. Please check below for the detailed schedule and place!

14.10 General intro to the course (Place: Media Factory Auditorium)
1) New Media for the Third Sector (TL)
2) Two Aalto students Beirut experience  and intro to the local partners (NM and AA)
MENA Design Research Center – AltCity – Lamba Labs
3) Aim of the course, practicalities, timetable (ABC + JSS)
4) Discussion on the readings (see reading list for reference)

21.10 Participation, Collaboration and Engagement in Design and Research for New Media (Place: Aalto ARTS Research Institute – lecture room 344: Hämeentie 135 C, Aalto ARTS main building, enter by the main door then turn right directly, Open the door, go up the stairs, and room 344 will be to your left).
1) The Silent game (exercise)
2) Contextualizing participation and collaboration in practice and research, design as politics (some vocabulary, methods and tools)
3) Discussion on the readings (see reading list for reference)

28.10 Is this the Third Sector or what? Self organization and the semi-formal (Place: Aalto ARTS Research institute lecture room 344)
1) Mixed discursive spheres and semi-formal spaces (Karoliina Jarenko – Aalto ENG)
2) The welfare state and the Cleaning Day: Why they are related? (Pauliina Seppälä – Yhteismaa ry)
3) Mixed discursive spheres in the Cleaning Day case (ABC + JSS)
4) Intro to Helsinki case study exercise and discussion on the readings (see reading list for reference)

4.11 Bottom up, top down and in-between: Making, Hacking, Doing and Influencing in Helsinki. (Place: Aalto ARTS Research Institute – lecture room 344)
1) Bricolage in the everyday life of Hub Helsinki (Eva Houtbeckers – Aalto BIZ)
2) Helsinki HakLab and Wärkfest (Laura Usitalo)
3) Students mid term presentation of their selected case in Helsinki
4) Discussion on the readings (see reading list for reference)

7.11  Infrastructuring the Commons Seminar (Open seminar organized by co-p2p sig, Aalto Media Factory auditorium) NOTE this is THU!!! Take notes during the seminar and send a summary of your observations and reflections to Joanna and Andrea by 15.11. (if you are un-able to attend see reading list for reference)

11.11 Independent work

18.11 Helsinki Maker scene (Place: Aalto ARTS Research Institute – lecture room 344).
1)Overview of the Helsinki Maker scene (Cindy Kohtala, Aalto ARTS)
2)Meta trash lab: Reflecting on organizing creative and open plan processes with example of Trashlab (Andrew Patterson – Pixelache/DA candidate Medialab Aalto ARTS)

25.11 Towards Beirut  (I)
1) Designing in a cross-cultural setting (Susu Nousala)
2) Clips and videos from Lebanon
3) Hello from Beirut (via Skype)

2.12 Towards Beirut (II)
1) Lebanon through Finnish eyes (Aune Saad, former consular secretary at the Finnish Embassy in Beirut) + Discussion on readings (see reading list for reference)
2) My Experience in Beirut (Nina Martin) + Clips and videos from Lebanon
3) Check up with groups on their work and presentation for next week

9.12 Student presentations
A couple of external guests will be invited to give feedback and comment on the presentations. (REF: Helsinki case studies assignment)

16.12 Beirut Scene / Helsinki Scene
1) Design-based entrepreneurship in Beirut and the Middle East (Via Skype- MENA Design)
2) Which problem are we designing?
3) Team formation for Beirut concept building (those who travel) and for Helsinki (those that want to continue in spring with Helsinki theme)

Schedule Spring 2014

15.1 – 26.3 2014. Details will be announced at a later stage. The course days will be wednesdays 13-16.

January/February: Concept building and online collaborative work with partners + some lectures and invited guests

End of February / beginning of March: FIELD TRIP TO BEIRUT (Please note that because of the ever changing political situation in the Middle East, the trip to Lebanon might be cancelled or moved to another date. We will be in contact with the Finnish embassy and consulate in Beirut when making the decision)

End of March: Wrap up in Helsinki