The blog is used to post announcements, news and the progress of the NMTS study project. The course is carried out by Media Lab Helsinki of Aalto University School of Arts and Design and Architecture.

The study project explores the role of social media tools and services in increasing the effectiveness and reach  of the activities and communication of third sector organizations. The approach is based on design research and prototyping activities carried out collaboratively with a partner organization.

During the spring 2015 our partner will be Naisten Linja ry (Women´s Line) a Finnish NGO that provides support and advice for women and girls (also their friends and relatives) who have experienced violence or threat of violence. Naisten Linja´s most known service is a national, toll-free phone helpline. They have been thinking and experimenting with other online tools and services as part of their service renewal strategy and we will be working in line with that. From NMTS project they hope to find ideas and concepts that help them develop new online support services as well as understand better new challenges like online violence against women.

The activities are targeted for MA students in New Media, however all ARTS students are also encouraged to apply. We also welcome other students across Aalto interested in the themes and setting; for them please get familiar with the mobility procedure across Aalto  and send us a mail.


The course was designed  by Andrea Botero Cabrera and Teemu Leinonen. With the help of other experts, depending on the cases carried out, it changes and evolves every year.

2015 (Spring) Naisten Linja ry

2013 (fall) 2014 (Spring) Helsinki/Beirut

2013 (spring): we challenged the idea of the “third sector” as a setting by collaborating with a  the Cleaning day (Siivouspäivä) movement and its main working group. You can read about the course in this post and the schedule is here

2011 (autumn ) case was Aidbrella, a web startup that connects development and aid project and the people ivolved in them. Aalto Media Factory provides financial support and students from the other schools of the Aalto University may also take part in the study project.

2011 (spring) case was a collaboration with the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). Aditionally the agency M4ID based in Helsinki was involved in developing the course and Aalto Media Factory provides financial support. This year students from the other schools of the Aalto University could also take part in the study project.

2009 case was the WHO’s Health Action in Crises. An important partner in developing the course this year was the agency M4ID based in Helsinki.  More information about the course is available in the description page.

2007 case was developed together with Amnesty International – Finland.