Concept #4 : Plan B

An overview of the user journey of Plan B

An overview of the user journey of Plan B

Plan B – “Well planned is half-done!”  is a concept for women who are considering if they should leave their relationship because of abusive/violent experiences. In that kind of situation women face many barriers and there are normally a lot of different kind of fears and concerns in their mind: They may be afraid what their violent partnermight do or how they would survive financially. They may hope that the abuser will change or think that they have to hold the family together for the sake of children. They may also suffer low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, guilt and shame as a result of the abuse that undermine their confidence to leave.

Plan B aims to be a textbook type of service that helps a woman to clarify -for herself- what does it means to leave and what kind of upfront arrangements could be beneficial. The objective is to dispel fears and confusions and by that, make it easier to make the final decision. Plan B is planned to be part of the Naisten Linja website and it consists of self-evaluation to investigate the current situation, and questions and instructions to be prepared in case of leaving.

Dpwnload a PDF with the presentation made by Pauliina

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