Fith day: Final presentations

We made it!


Juulia presenting her concept

Our afternoon started with a brief introduction to the workshop idea. Mariana showed to those present our objectives and examples of the things we did in 4 days (A copy of those slides can be downloaded here as PDF). This was followed by presentations of each individual concept by each participant of the ws. At the end we had a round of comments and general discussion that set each concept in context. We also discussed the future development possibilities and reflected on the many aspects that intertwine new digital technologies with violence against women. Many challenges ahead!

We will publish one post per each concept in the following days to document and make then accessible . For now a snippet of each of them:

Polku (Path) is a service that invites and supports women in keeping a diary of their daily emotions and feelings. The concept was presented through a mobile app. (Sonja Merilainen)

Sunnitelma B (Plan B) encourages and support the process of making a “Plan B” for leaving a conflicting situation (e.g. leaving a relationship). The concept was presented through an online interactive guide. (Pauliina Ikavalo)

Me Mosaiikki (Me in Mosaic) is a service that supports the creation of peer support through the visualization of women stories. The concept was presented through an interactive visual collage. (Riika Laajasalo)

Vapaaksi vaanijasta (Free from your stalker) is a service that offer info-packages and concrete advice in multiple mediums, to help young women deal with cyber stalking and digital privacy issues. The concept was presented through a set of cards/images to be spread around. (Juulia Jutilainen)

Pia gave each participant warm thanks and a "jaa salaaisuus" pin. Thanks!

Pia gave each participant warm thanks and a “jaa salaaisuus” pin. Thanks!

Thank you all who attended our final presentation event at Aalto Service Factory the 27th.  We want to specially thank Pia Oksanen and Kaisa Åberg from Naisten Linja for sharing with us their expertise, knowledge and commitment towards this difficult and important topic. The topic definitively brought synergy an intimacy to the work of our participants. Naisten Linja is doing important work and we are very inspired by it!

The audience was very attentive, made relevant and important remarks and encourage all to make the concepts real. It was very important for us to hear reactions, ideas and feedback from all of you! Kiitos, Gracias.

Mariana and Andrea

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