First Day – Gendered based violence (GBV) and Violence against women (VAW)

Why services targeted for women and girls -specially- are needed?

Why services targeted for women and girls -specially- are needed?

Today we had the opportunity to dig into the topic guided by Pia Oksanen from Naisten Linja We had many discussions about the theme, first by trying to understand the difference between basic concepts like gendered based violence (GBV) and the more politically charged violence against woman (VAW). We tried to get familiar with real stories of women that had experienced violence and are survivors. Here you can find an interesting compilation that Naisten Linja has collected under their “Share your secret” (Jaa salaisuus) campaing, the stories can be browsed online here (and in NL facebook page).

You can find here a PDF with the slides that Mariana and Andrea used for introduction. We did our first round of brainstorming, very basic and working from our background readings, the stories and the morning discussion… all in all 30 ideas were formulated. We will try to document them for NL.

First sketches

First sketches

Task for second day:

  • Make “seed concepts”

– Go back to work with your partner (we can also change pairs)

– Reformulate as many ideas as possible into seeds of a “design concept”

– You can take old ideas and ideas from other teams – We will collect these for NL too!

  • Read:

– Chiara, Diana, Elena Pacenti, and Roberta Tassi. (2009). “Visualtiles – Communication Tools for (Service) Design.” In De Thinking Service, ReThinking Design. Oslo.


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