1 week workshop: Digital services for NaistenLinja

Johanna and Veera Amnelin, You are not alone (Et ole yksin),  (2013)

Johanna & Veera Amnelin, You Are Not Alone (Et ole yksin), (2013) – Art work for the Jaa Salaisuus campaign

A 1 week (3 credits) workshop on designing new online support services for woman that have experience violence or threat of violence (23.2 – 27.2). During the workshop we will explore the role that digital services have (might have) and the problematic surrounding this phenomena. WS consists of hands-on with service design approaches, reflection on the role of digital technologies and developing concrete concepts that can help Naisten Linja renew their service portfolio.  Naisten Linja ry is a Finnish NGO that provides support and advice for women and girls (also their friends and relatives) who have experienced violence or threat of violence.

Following NL strategy for the next years; we hope to focus on services that support marginalized groups and those that need special attention (including Roma women, disabled women, women who have been or are in prison, women who have experience stalking)

There is a preliminary version of the schedule available here and also instructions for the preliminary assignment (reading list)

Final deliverables: 1) A 10 min stand alone AV presentation of the proposed concept together with a blog post 2) A “How to Manual” for Naisten Linja documenting the concept and possible next steps 3) A learning diary

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For further info contact: andrea-dot-botero-at-aalto-dot-fi


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