Spring semester starts!

case-workingVesa, Laura, Akshay, Pouyan, Merja, Katharina, Andreas, Pirkka and hopefully Sasha are continuing with  our Helsinki-Beirut work in the NMTS study project! Our first meeting took place on 15.1 and we already got down to thinking of interesting concepts for our partners in Beirut. One real life situation we are dealing with is the problematic political situation in Lebanon currently and we don’t know if we will get the official OK from our university to go there. But, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. If it doesn’t succeed, we do have several Plan Bs 🙂

Next class is Wednesday 22.1 in Aalto BIZ, Arkadia building, Lapuankatu 2, room E 128 (Please notice that is NOT the BIZ main building, but another one not far). Check the schedule for details.

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