What we have been up to

It is November already and our study project is coming closer to the “fields” where we aim to make an intervention. In this post I will make links to some of the materials that our guests and us have been sharing.

Playing the silent game

Playing the silent game in class 1) master, assistant and observer at work 2) Debriefing session, looking at what was done.

We have been reading and discussion a lot around issues of participation, collaboration and engagement. To make some of the issues concrete we have also played some “games” in the image you see some of us playing a version of the classic “Silent Game” (Harbraken et. al. 1987 with a modification by  Iversen and Buur 2000) where through a simple simulation of a design process (some actors with different roles involved, a set of loosely defined rules, materials and a design space) many crucial issues of collaboration can be reflectively identified and discussed.

We have also jump high in the abstraction ladder to talk a bit about “governance” issues  as these set the stage for how certain things become possible to implement and even to imagine. For that we discuss two case studies here in Helsinki: 1) Cleaning day presented by one of the activist and organizers Pauliina Sepälä and 2) Activism in Hertoniemi district as seen through the eyes of a researcher Karoliina Jarenko.

To dig a bit deeper in to the themes of new ways of organizing productive activities and explore the characteristics of the Finnish maker scene we have had several contributions: 1) researcher Eva Houtbeckers presented her analysis of the Hub Helsinki as bricolage (here a PDF of her presentation) and then 2) activist and cultural producer Laura Uusitalo shared her insights on the Helsinki local hacker space and the creation of Wärk Festival 3) researcher Cindy Kohtala made an overview of how sustainability themes appear (or not) in the activities and agendas of the Helsinki scene and 4) Andrew Pattersson share his insight on organizing and sustaining collective reflection processes around waste through the work they are doing on the TrashLab innitiative of pixelache (pad notes of andrew’s talk here).

Next sessions we will shift our attention towards Beirut and our partners there.



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