Assignment: cases from Helsinki


4.11.2013: For this session, please come to the class with your choice of case study (you can have a list of different ones). During class, we will discuss them and create working groups and choose which case study will each group work with.

9.12.2013: Final deadline and presentations of the case studies

What is the assignment about?

It is about the study of communities or organizations in Helsinki whose activities and practices are strongly associated with the use of and tinkering with emergent digital production and collaboration modes, such as Do It Yourself, Do It with Others, hacker cultures and peer production.

Examples of possible case studies include, but are not limited to:
Hel loves developers, Apps 4 Finland, Hack at home –> check out Forum Virium website!
3D printing or City Workshops at City of Helsinki libraries
Prototype Helsinki
Hub Helsinki
Aalto FabLab, Aalto ADD
Pixelache, Wärk festival

Please note that your choice of case would need to also help you in the Beirut phase (and that would help the design cases in Beirut: Mena Design Center, AltCity, and Lamba Labs), and/or could be something you’d like to work on if you don’t go to Beirut and want to receive the course’s full credits.

How to go about the assignment?

    – Make groups of 3 personas or so
    – DO online research and collect your references (you can use a collaborative documentation tool, e.g. Google Document or Etherpad)
    – Contact the key persons  (1 to 3) involved in the case you are studying and schedule an interview with them (preferably face to face)
    – Interview the key persons and take notes – share your notes and review them together on the collaborative documentation tool
    – Make use of the mixed discursive sphere theoretical framework (it will be introduced to you on 28.10, during class) to analyze your material and achieve a deeper understanding of your case.
    – Produce a presentation of your research process and results (try to avoid Power Points! Think outside the box)


For the final presentation on 9.12 you need present:
The outcomes of your research work
Design ideas that have emerged
A short reflection on how you think the Helsinki cases might relate or not to the Beirut situation

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