It was nice to see you yesterday (14.10) and hope to see next time those who could not make it! Do remember that attendance is obligatory. As mentioned yesterday, if, for some force majeure, you can’t make it, please inform us beforehand and be ready to write three summaries instead of the one required. We also agreed yesterday that one exception to this is if you are missing class because you have a scheduled Aalto exam on the day of the course, there is no need to compensate for this absence.

On 14.10 we listened to Professor Teemu Leinonen’s talk on new media and consultation for new media. If you are interested in viewing the new media diagram that Temmu drew during class, you can check it out on page 73 of his dissertation, which he wrote back in 2010.

We also listened to Anna and Nina‘s great introduction to Beirut (PDF version here) and viewed videos of the Desmeem initiative by MENA design research, and overviews of Lamba Labs, and Alt City.

For next time, please read the required reading for the session.

– Make a summary of the one article you chose in class
– If you were not present in class, please choose one of the three articles and write a summary of it
– Remember that a summary is NOT copy-paste from the article. Please include personal reflection.
– Send the summaries by e-mail to Andrea and Joanna by friday 18.10, 13:00
– To make it easier for us, please paste the title of your reading and your summary to the body of the e-mail (so don’t send attachments, unless you want to include a diagram or illustration)
– Mark the subject field of the e-mail with: NMTS – summary for session x (replace x with the date of the following session, e.g. this time it will be 21.10)

Thanks and see you on monday 21.10, at 13:00 in Arabianranta. Please note that we will meet in Aalto ARTS Research Institute – lecture room 344: Hämeentie 135 C, Aalto ARTS main building, enter by the main door then turn right directly, Open the door, go up the stairs, and room 344 will be to your left!

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