Fall 2013 Reading list

Most of the sessions are accompanied by a reading list. Usually 2-4 obligatory articles and some suggested additional readings. We will be updating the list here, check it before each session.

Participants should: 1) read before each session ALL the obligatory articles 2) Write a summary of (1) ONE of them. Which article to write a summary of will be decided in class. Summaries should be no longer than 1 A4, however, they should be longer than 2 paragraphs. Summaries should be ready the session’s previous Friday morning.

14.10 General intro to the course

Additional suggested readings:

21.10 Participation, Collaboration and Engagement in Design and Research for New Media

Additional suggested reading:

  • Botero, A. (2013). Expanding design space(s) – Design in communal endeavors (Doctoral Dissertation). Helsinki: Aalto University. PDF Available: ARTS bookstore
  • Saad-Sulonen, J., Botero, A. & Kuutti, K. (2012). A long-term strategy for designing (in) the wild: lessons from the Urban Mediator and traffic planning in Helsinki. In Proceedings of DIS’12 Designing Interactive Systems (pp.166–175). New York: ACM. (PDF of the article Saad-Sulonen_Botero_Kuutti_AuthorVersion)
  • Sanders, E. B.-N., Brandt, E., & Binder, T. (2010). A Framework for Organizing the Tools and Techniques of Participatory Design. In Proceedings of the 11th Biennial Participatory Design Conference (pp. 195–198). New York, NY, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/1900441.1900476
  • Mulgan, G., Caulier-Grice, J., & Murray, R. (2010). The Open Book of Social Innovation. United Kingdom: Nesta and The Young Foundation. Available online: http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/assets/features/the_open_book_of_social_innovation

28.10 Is this the Third Sector or what? Self organization and the semi-formal

Additional suggested readings:

  • Horelli, L., Saad-Sulonen, J., Wallin, S., & Botero, A. (2013) When self-organization and urban governance intersect: Two cases from Helsinki. Paper presented at the Using ICT, Social Media and Mobile Technologies to Foster Self-Organisation in Urban and Neighbourhood  Governance conference, Delft, The Netherlands. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/DelftPaper
  • Pestoff, V. (2012). Innovations in public services: Co-production and new public governance in Europe. In A. Botero, A G. Paterson, Saad-Sulonen, J. (Eds), Towards Peer Production in Public Services: Cases From Finland. Aalto University Publication Series Crossover 15/2012, (pp.13–33). Helsinki: Aalto University. Retrieved from http://co-p2p.mlog.taik.fi/files/2012/06/p2p-public-services-finland-2012.pdf

4.11Bottom up, top down and in-between: Making, Hacking, Doing and Influencing in Helsinki.

Additional suggested readings:

7.11 Seminar “Infrastructuring the commons”

2.12 Towards Beirut (II)


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