Cleaning Day: Final presentations 31.5.2013

Last 31st of may we have the last session of the course with presentations and critique session. Many ideas for cleaning day development! Here a brief outline of the concepts and links to the final presentation materials. Thanks all the students for their time and interest in the themes and to Yhteismaa for accompanying us and the students in this experiment.

1) Cleaning Day treasures: (Nea, Riina, Suse) a nomadic intervention in the city and in FB that collects the treasures people have found from the stalls during cleaning day. The troupe took pictures of the treasures, interviewed people and made some noise. A marketing tool? a community building activity? a disguised usability evaluation of future mobile app? maybe all of those and more.

IMAG2277  Picture 37

2) Pen-pal Pirkka: (Nina) This intervention tests the idea of Cleaning day as an infra for other types of “recycling” projects. Can we recycle capabilities? During Cleaning Day Pirkka, an inhabitant of Helsinki with a drinking problem but a great writing gift, exchanged with others “Pay pal” package services.

IMAG2274 Picture 39

3) Cleaning day databoard:  (Georgia) What can be made up from the data produced during Cleaning day? Some simple info-graphics where produced and shared (What sells/swaps the most? Which neighborhood is more active?)  to help understand broader  questions like: Does it make sense for a movement to go OpenData – LiveData? What would that mean and can it portray the lively festival that Cleaning day is?


4) Cleanig Day Guide: (Catherine and Beatrice) How to help scale up and document the knowledge to set up cleaning day and its many services (stalls, recycling, etc)? A series of  guides and how to instructions for all participants of Cleaning day (sellers, recyclers, buyers, etc). Particular emphasis was put on developing the recycling services proposed by cleaning day.

IMAG2279    Picture 2

We are done! THANKS



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