Cleaning day approaching… interventions in planning!

This lasts weeks we have been busy sketching, planning and preparing our design research interventions for Cleaning day, it will happen 25th of May. Ideas were numerous, some cleverly ambitious some neat and simple. We believe they are all good and relevant.

Lets see how we manage. Here a small taste of the ideas:

1) Siivouspäivän aarteet: (Nea, Riina, Suse) a nomadic intervention in the city that collects the treasures people have found from the stalls in cleaning day. The troupe takes pictures of the treasures, interviews people and make some noise. A marketing tool? a community building activity? a disguised usability evaluation of future mobile app? maybe all of those and more.

Picture 22

2) Pen-pal Pirkka: (Nina) This intervention tests the idea of Cleaning day as an infra for other types of “recycling” projects. This case there will be a stall were the capabilities of Pirkka, an inhabitant of Helsinki with a drinking problem but a great writing gift, can be displayed and exchanged. Can we recycle capabilities?

Picture 21

3) Siivouspäivä databoard:  (Georgia) This intervention aims to explore what can be made up from the data produced during siivouspäiva: Especifically mixing the Cleaning day website data (probably also data taken with the Facebook API) into  simple info-graphics. What sells/swaps the most? Which neighborhood is more active? These might help us understand other questions like: Can siivouspäivä go OpenData – LiveData? What would that mean and can it portray the lively festival that Cleaning day is?

Picture 23

4) Siivouspäivan Opas: (Catherine and Beatrice) Siivouspäivan Opas is producing some guides and how to instructions for all participants of Cleaning day: sellers, recyclers, buyers, etc). During the day itself the team will inspect the functioning of a recycling spot, observe, intervene and do some “service prototyping” on the spot. This we will believe contribute to develop the recycling services proposed by cleaning day. How to help scale up and document the knowledge to set up cleaning day and its many services (stalls, recycling, etc)?


5) Siivouspaivä etkot catwalk: (MG) Cleaning day offers many up-cycling workshops for inhabitants in Helsinki. How to document peoples creations? spread the love and awareness of making stuff from other stuff?  This intervention will create a collective documentation stage in the Cleaning day workshop headquarters at Sähkötalo in the center of Helsinki.

5) Siivouspäivä stories: (June) – CANCELLED –  A recycling bicycle will tour around the city documenting stories of the the stuff people like to put in circulation during cleaning day. Things and stories will be swapped . What people value? What are their stories?

Picture 24

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