Siivouspäivän digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) results and small questionnaire

If you have participated in the Siivouspäivä digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) on 16.3.2013, please answer our online questionnaire! It takes 5-10 minutes 🙂 Thanks!

The time has come to look back at the Siivouspäivän digitalkoot/Cleaning day hackathon event that took place on 16.3, at the Aalto Media Factory!  The main idea was to have a “Digitalkoot” (digital + talkoot) day, with a mixture of coding hack day, GUI prototyping, and event idea generation. Four tracks focused on different themes supporting development of the Siivouspäivä/ Cleaning day flea market day concept: VideoMobile app coding + interface design, Event “How to…” Guidebook, and Stories.

Here is a summary of what the day entailed and the concrete results that were reached:

Digitalkoot in (approximate) numbers
45 participants (10 facilitators)
8 hours of work (during which we had 24 large pizzas, 8 salad portions, 24 bananas, 2 bags of tangerines, 70 cups of coffee, 35 espresso, 25 teabags)
4 track themes that produced 16 digital artifacts (big and small)
45 enthusiastic inhabitants of Helsinki
Organizers: Teachers and Students of the New Media for the Third Sector course – spring 2013 ( Thanks also to: Kimmo Karhu, Aapo Rista, Sara Jacobsen + Siivouspäivä working team

Supported by
Aalto Media Factory
Aalto Service Factory
Media Lab Helsinki


1. Siivouspäivä Story tag – A price tag label (PDF)
A simple PDF file that Siivouspäivä participants can print and cut to tag their selling items with price, owner and a personal story about the object
(more info: Hyunsun Park and Seungho Lee)

Story price tag

Story price tag

2. Siivouspäivä mobile wayfinding app (Android & iOs)
This app offers a simple wayfinding solution for people interested in exploring the stands and recycling spots during cleaning day. The app answers the simple use case of “where I am?” and “what is around?”. During the day the team manage to create the back end database functionality and started testing the main functionalities of the front end for both Android and iOs. They continue to work so that we will (hopefully) have a functioning app for the May-Siivouspäivä (The work is closely tied with the other app concepts created at UI level shown later on this document).
(More info: Islam Mesbahul, Feroz Abdullah, Fabian Häusler, Suse Meissner + Kimmo Karhu, Aapo Rista)

Mobile map interface

Mobile map interface

3. How To Siivouspäiva / Siivouspäiva Opas (PDF)
A Collection of simple guidelines and illustrations to help people that want to participate in Siivouspäivä. There are different categories and themes that can be extended and complemented
(More info: Beatrice D’Agostino, Cathrine Einarsson, Helja Hyytia, Aajwanthi Baradwaj, Paola Montevecchi, Gabriela Dygrinova, Chow Yik, Yunhye Kim, Dahn Kim)

How To guidebook

How To guidebook

4. What to do the 25th of May? – (Online Video)
A video presenting comments of a “personality” (in this prototype designer that contributed to one of the upcycling workshops in past Siivouspäivä) that encouraged others to join in next Siivouspäivä. The concept has the potential of becoming semi-automated generative video using basic interview footage that could be combined by a webvideo framework.
(More info: Sasha Kazantsev, Nelly Sääksjarvi, Adnan Mirza)

5. The story of uwbsmndb547 – (Online Video)
This is a conceptual piece telling the story of an unidentified object changing owners, locations while expressing its feelings throughout that journey.
(More info: Hesam Pakbeen)

6. The Walk – (Online Video)
This short introduces the re- and upcycling focus of the Siivouspäivä to a confused pedestrian who keeps coming across the same fabric in different shapes over and over again.
(More info: Kimi Nguyen, Jaakko Keso, Dahn Kim)

7. You can get it in Siivouspäivä! (Online Video)
This is a promotion video that works on the idea that the value of ‘Siivoupäivä’ lies in  sharing our memories with our neighbors. Things are not just fashion items or just made  of fabric they are memory items. there are 2 demo videos of the idea: (Notice that the date is wrong – next Siivouspäivä happens on 25.5!)
(More info: Moungkoen(MG) Lee, Ieva Cakule, Ingrida Slisane, Sara Szabo)


8. Siivouspäivä song playlists  – mp3 song list
A collection of music elusive to the Siivouspäivä theme.  The collected songs comment on the themes of the day and can serve as background and soundscape for those selling and swapping their goods as well as for those strolling the cities to find bargains. (Playing lists can be implemented in spotify, youtube, last FM and other similar services)
(More info: Fang-yi Lee)

9. The Coat’s story –  (storyboard stage)
The video proposes  3 different themes. 1. Trading as a  metaphor for the many meanings of an object 2. The personal stories of objects sold in siivoupäivä 3. Siivouspäivä as a stage for people’s own fashion shows.
(More info: Sarah Zabo, Ieva Cakule, Ingrida Slisane) (+MG)


10. A story layer for Sivouspäivä map (Sketches)
A proposal for adding a layer of stories to the current siivouspäivä map database. The layer can contain personal stories of objects that circulate hands in siivouspäivä and could add possibilities to create personalized journeys during cleaning day
(More info: Sang-hyun Ryu)

11. Siivouspäivä Story news magazine (Dummy)
A magazine that documents siivoupäivä stories, people, places and happenings after cleaning day has passed. It can serve as marketing for next siivouspäivä, as documentation and as tool for community building around siivouspäivä
(More info: Hsiao-chun Shih)

12. Siivouspäivä sellers App (wireframes)
This app concept is thought from the sellers perspective: What are the needs a seller has, when he is already out in his/her stall during Siivouspäivä? They want to be able to update information about their stalls. What is already sold out? Are they closing earlier than expected? This is what the “Sellers App” is all about.  The participants also came up with an idea that could easily be implemented to the website as well: How often has a seller participated in Siivouspäivä already?
(More info: Lu Zeng, Dan Qin, Jessie Hsu)

13. “I bought that” App for siivouspäivä (Wireframes)
Marketing tool, where participants of Siivouspäivä will make the marketing for Siivouspäivä.  The idea is that whenever something nice is bought, it is photographed with the app. The app will add the Siivouspäivä logo and item price (as entered by the user) as a badge/ribbon on the photo, which then is shared in different social media platforms. This type of app would work because people like to brag with their great bargains! It can also be an added functionality for Siivouspäivä mobile app?
(More info: Suse Meissner, Neea Laakso)

14. Siivouspäivä buyers’ app (wireframes)
3 different views to the UI of a Siivouspäivä app that let buyers navigate through a map/list view where all the stalls are marked. They can then tab on a certain stall and see the info about it.  In future there will also be a functionality to add favorites, stalls that you really want to go to, so that you can make up your route beforehand (This UI are the bases of the wayfinding app that will be implemented before May).
(More info: Dipti Sonawane, Roope Kiviranta, Tae Yong Kim)

15. Video Stories (Script)
A concept/script template for an engaging way that stories around the the Siivouspäivä could be told on video.
(More info: Dahn Kim)

16. Lamp meme viral video (concept stage)
An item can go through many journeys. From shirt to skirt to bag to teapot warmer to lamp shade. This viral video shows the shirt’s point of view. It is in its concept stage now.
(More info: Kimi Nguyen)

Thank you all for your contribution!

If you have participated in the Siivouspäivä digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) on 16.3.2013, please answer our online questionnaire! It takes 5-10 minutes 🙂 Thanks!

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