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Siivouspäivän digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) results and small questionnaire

*** If you have participated in the Siivouspäivä digitalkoot (Cleaning day hackathon) on 16.3.2013, please answer our online questionnaire! It takes 5-10 minutes 🙂 Thanks! *** The time has come to look back at the Siivouspäivän digitalkoot/Cleaning day hackathon event that … Continue reading

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Social movements and social media in the welfare state

Last class Pauliina Seppälä (MA Social Policy) gave us a very interesting presentation dealing with some basic concepts of the nordic model of the welfare state (as context / infra / stage) and what it has to do with for … Continue reading

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Fourth assignment: Reading list #2

Assignment # 4: readings + short summary, Due date 12.4.13 Read all three obligatory readings, but write a summary of one of them (which one for which student will be decided in class). Send it through email to Joanna and … Continue reading

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