Our hackathon is happening: Siivouspäivän digitalkoot 16.3.13

Poster for the Hackathon (Beatrice and June Kiitos!)

We have been busy preparing the hackathon for Cleaning day. After some brainstorming and preparations we decided to call it a digital “raising barn event” or digitalkoot (in Finish) to hint at the fact that we will be working in some concrete technology yes ( mobile apps and videos), but will also work in other fronts like “how to’s” and stories all of them related to Cleaning day. The hackathon will take place at Aalto Media Factory on Saturday 16 of March. Everybody is welcome.

Learn more and register here!
Our 4 tracks will be:
– Mobile Apps (Hosted by Suse, Georgia, Riina and Nea)
– Video (Hosted by Nina and MG)
– Stories (Hosted by June and Sara)
– How to’s (Hosted by Catherine and Beatrice).
For Joanna and me this is also the first time to be engaged in something at this scale so we are learning a lot as well. To plan the day and coordinate the contributions we are encouraging the students to use a variety of tools: post it notes, boards, physical space, dropbox space, google documents, eventbrite event, facebook events, githib repo, video recordings and others.

One thing to keep in mind for the day and our course in general is the following question: are we falling into traps of “solutionism”? (for ref to the term see e.g “Is smart making us dumb?” and  “The Perils of Perfection“)

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