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Our hackathon is happening: Siivouspäivän digitalkoot 16.3.13

We have been busy preparing the hackathon for Cleaning day. After some brainstorming and preparations we decided to call it a digital “raising barn event” or digitalkoot (in Finish) to hint at the fact that we will be working in … Continue reading

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Working with Github: version control and git explained

In our last session Kimmo Karhu (Aalto SCI) gave is a short introduction to Git and GitHub, some of the key contemporary tools out there to carry out open and collaborative projects. GitHub is mostly used by software projects to … Continue reading

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Lessons from Restaurant day mobile camp

We had the pleasure to listen to an enlightening talk by Jyrki Vanamo and Jonathan Ben-Ami about their experiences in organizing and taking part in the Restaurant day hackathon (mobile camp = 50 hours coding apps for restaurant day). A … Continue reading

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First assignment: Case studies of New Media for third sector and other social movements

We have made a booklet collecting the results from the first assignment. The students presented examples of movements similar in spirit to Cleaning day. These included e.g. Carrot mob, Beirut green project, guerilla gardening and much more! The summaries of … Continue reading

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