Third Assignment: Ideas for the Hackathon

The third assignment is built around collecting ideas, inspiration and practical information for planning, designing and producing our hackathon. The hackathon date is 15 of March (-+)!

1) Search for other examples on the web of past hackathons or hackday type of events. Analyze them: What happened? Where it happened? How was the day/days organized? Roles? Who did what? Are there some emerging formats for this events? Do this by collecting 1 or 2 cases. For each case you will write minimum 2 paragraphs describing the event your own words as comments to this post, including a link/links to the original sources of your info (You can e.g make a list of possible “good practices” you notice or a list of things to take into consideration, collect the good ideas you want to take from those experiences, share with the group why you pick the example and what can it teach us. Dont just copy paste what we ourselves can read from the website, add your thoughs and insights)

See e.g Berg Printing Hackday or OKFest Open Video Make session

2) Get familiar with some of the ideas that siivouspäivä team has had for siivouspäivä mobile app (read the document we will send you by email) and bring some others.

We will use all this material in our next sprint session on 22.2! There we will work on:

– Marketing the hackathon? (How do we get people to come? geeks and no-geeks, make  a FB event, posters, mailing lists )

– Inventory of Resources and focus (What is realistic to achieve? What code we have and what we need? What other stuff we have?)

– Logistics (Place, food, materials)

We have a small budget for organizing this! It will be fun 🙂

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