Second Assingment (Reading List 1)

Assignment # 2 consist of a series of  first readings + short summary, Due date 15.02.2013

Read all (3) three obligatory readings, then write a summary for one of them (which one for which student will be decided in class). Write your summary in English, length should be around 2 or 3 paragraph (max 1 A4) where you reflect on what you thought was interesting, worth noting or problematic from the reading and how you think it relates to our case. Make a PDF of the summary and send it by email to Joanna and Andrea no later than 15.02.13 10 am.

Browse the list of further suggested readings and links – read as many as you want 🙂
(Contact joanna or andrea for access to the dropbox, not all readings are available online)

Obligatory reading:

Vancouver Citizens Committee (2011) Chap 1 Community Organizing. In The Citizen’s Handbook
The chapter is available online here:

Botero, A., Paterson, A. G., & Saad-Sulonen, J. (2012). Introduction Towards Peer-production in Public Services: cases from Finland. Helsinki, Finland: Aalto University CO 15, School of Art, Design and Architecture.
Available from:

Castells,  M. 2007. “Communication, power and counter-power in the network  society.” International Journal of Communication 1(1):238–266.

Suggested further readings:

Gillmore, D. (2004) We the Media  – Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People
Chapter 7: The former audience joins the party. Available at

Dobson, C. (2003). The Troublemaker’s Teaparty: A Manual for Effective Citizen Action. New Society Publishers.

Engeström, Y. (n.d.). Wildfire Activities: New Patterns of Mobility and Learning. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, 1(2).
PDF in the course dropbox

Garrett,R. K. (2006). Protest in an Information Society: A Review of Literature on Social Movements and New ICTs. Information, Communication and Society, 9(2), 202-224
PDF in the course dropbox

50+ case studies about how activists have used information and new media to create advocacy campaigns around the world.
5 Social Media Lessons From the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort In Mashable

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