First assignment!

Today was the first class day. We met Pauliina and Jaakko from the Cleaning Day movement. They gave a very informative presentation about Cleaning Day: how it was started, how it developed, what are the current challenges… Jaakko’s slides will appear here soon!

The first assignment (Due date 1.2 @ 13:00) is as follows:

1. Choose two case studies (per student) similar to cleaning day or e.g. Restaurant day, the Occupy movement, …

2. Write 1-2 pages about:
– How is the presence of these movement apparent online?
– What tools do they use, and for what? (FB, mobile apps, blogs, wiki…)
– Who are the organizers? Is it clear?
– What are their online activities and what are the F2F/physical world activities? How are these related?

3. Add 1-2 images from the cases

4. Prepare a print out of each case and make a PDF to share with the group

The aim of the assignment is to bench mark existing examples (document and analyze their strategies, their tools, their actions) to create a library of resources, a common vocabulary and raise questions.

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