2013 case: “Cleaning day”

Social media tools and services are revolutionizing how we conduct our everyday lives, communicate and work together.  Drawing upon the experience, insight and visions of Cleaning Day citizen’s movement in Helsinki  (Finland) during the study project we will explore the intersection between digital media and tools, service design and activism through design research. Thus the project will seek to investigate current and future ways of leveraging new/social media services, tools and technologies to disseminate, develop and perform “Cleaning day”.
The course is structured around 4 main activities 1) contextualizing lectures and readings that bring the ideas and themes of the course close to the participants, on practical and theoretical level 2) benchmarking and case studies carried out by students 3) field work: organized around the organization and participation on  a prototyping hackathon(*) for mobile applications (warming up)  4) Design through social media bricolage: concept design and planning of small scale interventions in Cleaning Day via bricolage and remixing of current tools (main result)

The study project starts on January 25th and ends on May 31st in a joint session where results of hackathon and concrete interventions in the Cleaning Day of the spring will be analyzed and reflected upon

1. Contextualizing lectures and readings
Schedule to be announced in the end of November (includes themes such as: social movements, collaborative and open design, etc)

2. Hackathon as co-design
Participants in the study project will be  organizing a 1-3 day(s) hackathon(*) aimed at developing a mobile application (iPhone and Android) that would enable citizen groups to document via locative media issues of interest to their own activities (As use cases for the mobile app, we will have the Siivouspäivä and kotikaupunkipolut activities). The hackathon will seek contribution from a broad range of people (including other Aalto students) and as resources could use the existing prototypes developed as part of the ComeUp project (see http://comeup.media.taik.fi).

3. Design through social media bricolage
Planning, proposing and developing a series of interventions that could make use of social media networks, digital tools and networked media in general to to disseminate, develop and perform “Cleaning day”.  Students will be free to propose areas of interventions (marketing, coordination, planning, side activities, etc) around the concept of Siivouspäivä. A requirement will be that the interventions do not require extensive new development activities but rather take advantage of existing infras in new creative ways and configurations and could be eventually tried out in the spring edition of Siivouspäivä (25th of May).

*A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in whichparticipants collaborate intensively during a short period of time (1 day up to a week) to produce working and usable software prototypes around a joint topic or application area.

Open to all Aalto students (use Joopas agreement if you are outside ARTS). To receive the credits you need to register to the course, using Oodi


Students interested in participating ONLY in the Hackathon have to register for it: Workshop II: Hackhathon (2 credits) – (use Joopas agreement if you are outside ARTS)

Info: Andrea Botero and Joanna Saad-Sulonen

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