Meeting notes: kick-off on 17.10.

Juho took some notes, which I copy-pasted from the email to here (thank you Juho!):

Here are some notes from our meeting. Action points for the next meeting are at the end.

1. Course blog. The communication during the course would be done using whichever platforms and channels we see fit, but the primary hub for the coursework would be the (public) blog. Everyone will have admin rights to the blog to rearrange it and submit content as they see best.

2. Design consulting vs. brief-based contract design work. We discussed that this project would be more about practicing design consulting, rather than the traditional brief-based contract design work. This would entail having a close dialogue with the client in defining what the work should focus on.

3. Aidbrella. Ilona gave us an excellent presentation on the current state and goals of Aidbrella. She also agreed to share the presentation file with us for further reference. The presentation also included Ilona’s views on design requirements, focus areas and possible ‘separate projects’ to work on. These were discussed.

4. What are the important questions to address? We discussed the different approaches we could and would like to take to the design consulting project and what questions would be the most important to consider. Questions that were brought up were:

  • Who are the users? What are their motivations and needs regarding the service?
  • What kind of information can users share through the service and how is it structured?
  • How can users interact with the information?
  • How is time considered (i.e. how does the service recognize that some information may be out of date)?
  • How can the service motivate users to share/contribute information?
  • How does the service integrate with other services or social media platforms?
  • What are the assumptions that we (aidbrella) make in our design choices? Have they been verified?
  • What would the minimum viable product be? How could it fail?
  • What’s the value we (aidbrella) provide?

5. We agreed that we should think about which methods we should plan to use to develop the service further (hint: check book). These were discussed briefly as options:

  • paper prototypes
  • business model canvas
  • user-oriented models
  • co-creation
  • service canvas
  • benchmarking

6. Action points for everyone participating in the project, due next Monday or sooner*.
Think of three questions about Aidbrella and send them to Ilona (*)before Sunday. She’ll answer them in Monday’s meeting.

Think of what the next steps should be for the project (e.g methods?). What would you like to do and focus on?

Add your details on the blog’s “People” section. If would rather not appear under your own name, choose a pseudonym/avatar but let us know what it is.

Thanks for a good meeting. Let me know if I missed something.

See you next Monday!

Nest meeting will be on Monday October 24th, 5th floor, the room next to the Meccala cafe.

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