Study project Autumn 2011 starts on Monday 17.10. at 12:00: Case Aidbrella

We are ready to start a new study project under the umbrella of the New Media Concepts for the Third Sector. To get familiar with the objective and the history of the New Media Concepts for the Third Sector it is good to take a look of the About -page of this blog. You may also find interesting the earlier blog posts from the earlier cases.

This autumn case is rather different if compared to the earlier projects. In previous years we have been working with large organizations, such as the Amnesty International Finland and World Health Organization. Earlier this year, during the spring term, our partner was the Crisis Management Initiative — a relatively young NGO but already with certain establishment.

This autumn we will work with a startup NGO, called Aidbrella. From discussions with the people behind the Aidbrella I got an impression that they have a clear vision what they want to do. With startups, however, one should be fast to change the strategy if needed. To test their concept it would be important to launch the first version of the service. I assume that in this we may also help — in a way or another. On the other hand, I want to keep the original idea of the course alive with this case, too: the focus should be in the exploration of new concepts.

We will have a half day (4 hours) kick-off meeting on Monday 17.10. starting at 12:00 in TaiK, Media Lab, 3rd floor lobby.  I will bring some lunch.

Meanwhile you may take ownership of this blog: Add yourself to the people -page, edit the the schedule -page and start posting to the blog.

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