Keep a Green Tree

Keep a Green Tree is a visualization for displaying results of many different peace activities at once. It can be used to collect together pieces of peace journalism and results of several small projects. It emphasizes the good news and the progress of negotiations.

Keep a Green Tree displays the will for peace as a tree that grows with every message. The messages are either Things we agree about, Things we disagree or Conflict topics. In every conflict, most of the people still agree about most of the things, and with time, these agreed things — the green leaves — will overthrow conflict topics.

Things we agree can be everyday things, even obvious ones, and the things that everyone wants from future nation: safety, healthy, food, families and care.

Things we disagree are disagreements that belong to the fabric of a normal society. People disagree about politics, religion, football teams and their preferred foods. Often the crisis mediation is about recognizing and accepting disagreements.

Conflict topics are the disagreements that have become sore spots for the society. They are often entwined with several other grudges and perceptions of injustice. Peace process can be seen as a gradual change of conflict topics to things we disagree.

Messages collected into the visualizations can come from any source. It is designed to have very few demands about form or content of the messages. The only requirements are that the message has a time of origin, a place or an area where it comes from and a categorization to agreement, disagreement or a conflict topic. They can be SMS messages sent to radio show, video clips collected by NGO project, newspaper articles, blog posts, reports or official documents.

Download/view concept poster as pdf

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