Production week (4-8.4.) kickoff on Monday 4.4. 10 AM

We are approaching the deadline of the concept presentations and should use the coming week to crystallize the concepts and to prepare the presentation materials.

We agreed to meet on Monday 4.8. 10 AM in the Media Lab 3rd floor meeting room. I will reserve this or some other room for the whole week for the groups.

As discussed yesterday we should in the coming week:

  1. Make decisions on the “brand”, the identity of the concept / product
  2. Prepare presentation materials (poster, flyer, excecutive summary, website etc.) that are communicating the main idea.
  3. Test the concept with some audio-visual materials / demos. These materials can be then used in the presentations, too.

I know that with the concepts there are still many open questions. However, when jumping in to production of these, we are “forced” to do design decisions related to the concepts.

We also discussed yesterday that we probably should aim to present three concepts. Some of them can be presented lighter than others. For instance just a poster is enough.

Hope to see you all on Monday at 10 AM.

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