Questions for CMI

These are the questions that our group has for CMI at this point.

1) What kind of data do you usually have from the middle of the pyramid? We are assuming that the other collecting-group is collecting from lower part of the pyramid and there are some (often confidential) documents from the higher level meetings.

2) When reaching to middle level, do you have a standard way of establishing communications, some ground rules that the partners (other NGO:s, local actors etc.) agree to?

3) How much of the higher level communications could be reported outside, even vaguely, like ‘Progress has been made with x’.

(Ranjit will add more questions)


4) How to ‘roll’ the pyramid so that middle level, and ones at bottom of pyramid feel they have as much ownership and control as the top level in hierarchy? And in that way generate new patterns?

5) How to make conflicting parties culturally anonymous in the information presentation? So that either side(on conflicting sides or along the pyramid) does not put bias on impressions of peace or any patterns?

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