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Collection Summary

Next week we will develop the identity and content of a traveling participatory media event. Topics to consider that were discussed on Monday: Location-specific Models + availability of portable technology and local resources + duration/stage of conflict + appropriate symbols … Continue reading

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Production week (4-8.4.) kickoff on Monday 4.4. 10 AM

We are approaching the deadline of the concept presentations and should use the coming week to crystallize the concepts and to prepare the presentation materials. We agreed to meet on Monday 4.8. 10 AM in the Media Lab 3rd floor meeting … Continue reading

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Managing Public Information in a Mediation Process

This is an interesting publication to be considered, especially for the representation / visualization group: USIP –  Managing Public Information in a Mediation Process: Those who mediate international conflicts must communicate publicly with a wide variety of audiences, from governments … Continue reading

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Questions for CMI

These are the questions that our group has for CMI at this point. 1) What kind of data do you usually have from the middle of the pyramid? We are assuming that the other collecting-group is collecting from lower part … Continue reading

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Momentum of Peace

In last meeting we agreed to divide into two groups with general themes of collecting and representing the progress of peace process. Our group is working on how to represent the peace process. Our primary goal is to help middle-to-high … Continue reading

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Can you post meeting info pls?

There are a few students who were unable to attend the last all group planning meeting, they would like to join one of the two sub-groups but are out of the loop in regards to meeting dates/places.. could you be … Continue reading

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Collecting: mobile digital story telling concepts

Yesterday we discussed about the concept of having a mobile set for video / movie presentation and production. I mentioned some examples of these: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production … Continue reading

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Collecting: The Forum Theatre

Here’s a little background info on the Forum Theatre or the Theatre of the Oppressed mentioned in the meeting today. (in Finnish)

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Peace mapping

Peace mapping an interesting example of utilizing visualizations for facilitating peace processes. From the site: Peace Mapping is like simultaneous visual translation of a wayfinding process: as mediators guide the parties in conflict, and parties create their solutions to build … Continue reading

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Collecting: Ways of telling and collecting stories

Some sites relating to telling and collecting stories:

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