Second meeting notes, the four themes and initial groups

The discussion was very interesting and reached a wide area of topics:

The four main themes that we picked out from the discussion are:

1. Verifying gossip tweets: finding ways to fact-check and raise the quality of short messages influencing the dialog.

2. Stories that unite: finding a way to compose and share stories of what people have in common to strengthen the base of peace process. (Timo, Pauliina, Helena? )

3. Visualizing the discussion/peace process: try to make it easier for all partners to understand what are the things that parties have already agreed to in peace process and what are the actual disagreements. (Sujil, Päivi, Juha, Jukka, Helena?)

4. Uniting peace activists: uniting peace activists from both sides of conflict and from all levels of process, or at least from those levels that do not generally have a dialog. (Ranjit)

These themes are not in anyway locked down, they will be refined and changed during the course. Of course, the groups are not yet balanced either, so please comment and discuss if you at this point want to further specify or modify any of these themes.

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