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Monday workshop – Q&A with CMI experts

On Monday 28.02. the course participants have met at CMI, starting at 12:00. Thank you for getting interesting insights on multi-stakeholder dialogue from a selection of CMI’s experts. Please find attached a summary of the discussion points. Based on the … Continue reading

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Ethan Zuckerman’s observations on role of (social) media in Middle East

Ethan Zuckerman is a central blogger when looking at global communciation, social media in developing countries and so on. He has posted really interesting stuff on the role social media and other media had and has in the Middle East: … Continue reading

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Uniting Communities Through Media in Somalia

Check out this story for a concrete example: Mokhtar studies at East Africa University in Bosaso, Somalia with a focus on community development while also serving as Deputy Director at Somali Development Trust (SDT), an IREX partner for the Uniting Communities to Mitigate … Continue reading

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Media, Conflict and Peacebuilding – some interesting resources

The US Institute of Peace / Center of Innovation focuses on harnessing the power of the media for peacebuilding, and on developing new strategies for countering the abuse of media during conflict. Media have been both targets and weapons in violent … Continue reading

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First Guinean blogcamp: striving for a national dialogue after tumultuous years

The first Guinean blogcamp took place on February 2nd at the Press House in Coléah, a suburb of Conakry. In a nation striving for a national dialogue after tumultuous years of political strife, ICT might play an important role in … Continue reading

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Joining the course blog (mandatory!)

Everyone on this course should have an account to this blog to be able to post and comment. Please send me ( jukka.purma –*at*– )  an email with your name and your aalto-id, or shortname (example: Pekka Pohjalainen  -> … Continue reading

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Second meeting notes, the four themes and initial groups

The discussion was very interesting and reached a wide area of topics: The four main themes that we picked out from the discussion are: 1. Verifying gossip tweets: finding ways to fact-check and raise the quality of short messages influencing … Continue reading

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Info related to today’s discussion

Thanks for the productive discussions today!  Here’s a link to an article from Scientific America about the potential of crowdsourced data in reacting to, among others, human rights abuses.   The organization Digital Democracy also has some ‘inspiration’ cases that … Continue reading

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Meeting tomorrow at 9 in the Media Lab’s 3rd floor meeting room

We will meet tomorrow for an open discussion about the possible approaches in the concept development for the CMI. In addition to discussion on the possible themes and early idea generation activities we should update the site with your information … Continue reading

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Information day slides, next meetings and some links

There is still a chance to join the study project! If you are interested get in touch with Teemu. Meanwhile here some documentation as during the meeting on Friday February 11th we went through some practicalities of the course and … Continue reading

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