ToGo Manuals Concept

ToGo Manuals is an online tool for WHO’s Health Action in Crisis department (HAC) staff involved in field work, whether leaving for, being in or returning from field. It provides instructional manuals of equipment, procedures and supplies. The manuals consist of step-by-step photo essays or how to videos complemented with text.

The ToGo manuals can be viewed online or downloaded as portable PDF files, as well as saved into a personal manual collection. The manuals can also be enriched by users who can comment on the manuals, update them and create new manuals based on their experiences.

In order to give a concrete picture of the ToGo Manuals concept, we created static user interface (UI) screens and a video. The UI screens demonstrate one way to implement the concept (see below), while the video shows a hypothetical use scenario of how the HAC staff could use the ToGo Manuals.

For further information about the concept, please see the following documentation:

Final report (describes the concept design process and the final concept)
Presentation (summarizes the report, mostly pictures)
Poster (one page summary of the concept)
Video (shows how the ToGo Manuals could be used)

As several people contributed to the concept design process along the way, we want to thank the HAC staff as well as our fellow course mates, teachers and visiting lecturers for their valuable input.

All the best in the future,
Kati Hyyppä, Virva Auvinen, Juulia Juutilainen and Yen Teng Choo
(Group 2)

UI screens

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