Final presentations: video conference with WHO headquarters

The final session of the project took place 8 May, 13 – 15 pm (12:00-14:00 GVA), at third floor lecture room here in Media Lab Helsinki. During the session MA students presented the results of their design research efforts during the past spring. 3 concepts where introduced to a local audience of students, staff of the faculty and guests. We where joined by WHO experts in Geneva, connected to Helsinki via video conference.

The session went remarkably well with only few technical problems (Thanks to all for help in setting it up). All groups did a great job in introducing their concepts, background research and ideas. Here some (crappy) images of the session:

Connecting with WHO headquarters

Starting the session

help people to help themselves

Group 1 has designed a sms-based communication tool for people affected by emergencies.

online manuals- sharing knowledge

Group 2 has developed an audiovisual collaborative platform to facilitate use of internal manuals and training material.


Group 3 has developed a data presentation widget that can be embeded further


We are confident that both WHO and the study project members learned a lot from this experience. Now all materials are being wrapped up, a last presentation of the concepts will take place in Media Lab’s spring demo day.

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