Final deliverables: marking files, giving credits, adding metadata


Teemu asked me to do a short reminder about packaging the information and presentations of the whole project that we discussed.

A summary of what we agree:

1) Every group will write one blog post with the concept name as title. The post  will contain a short description of the final concept, one image and links to the materials to share: slides, report, video or posters, any other relevant links to websites or prototypes. This post will also include the names of the participants.

2) All materials (posters, reports, videos, etc) for dissemination will be marked properly so that credit is given and work is contextualized.  Please make sure to add following information:

– University of Art and Design – Media Lab Helsinki (include a logo of TAIK) In mlab internal wiki there is instructions about names, logos, etc
– Date when project was made (May 2009)
– Names of all participants

– URL of this blog (course website).
And this will also be nice:

– Each concept could provide 1, better 2 good quality images (print quality) that relate to the project that can be used for dissemination (Article in Arttu, TAIK main website, Aalto University News, etc). This will be highly appreciated!!!
– Reports and stuff to be uploaded also to this website to make sure that few years from now when you do not have your own sites up the documentation is available)

Please also remember the presentations for the Media Lab Demo Day! Invitation reads: The staff and students of the Media Lab request your presence at our Spring Demo Day taking place in Media Centre Lume TV-studio at the  University of Art and Design Helsinki, on the afternoon of Wednesday  20th May 2009, between 13.00 and 17.00. RSVP by Friday 15.5., 15.00 to Anna Arsniva

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