Flu Wiki

When following the media circus around the swine flu I have been thinking what would be a good source of information to follow the development. Naturally the WHO website is the best place to check the latest news, but if you want to study the topic more where to go?

I just found a Flu Wiki.

Flu Wiki is a web site “documenting the current Flu outbreak with a wiki that anyone can edit“. A large part of the content is feeds with links to such a sources as the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of US. Even so, it’s nice to find all the content from a single site and follow how people are editing it every hour.

The most interesting piece of information in the flu wiki is related to flues in general:

“… over 36,000 people in the US die annually due to the Flu. That’s around 100 per day or 700 per week, and since the deaths are not distributed evenly throughout the year, it is not unusual to have over 1,000 deaths from flu in a week.”

The source of this information is the Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza (Flu) document published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of US.

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