Monthly Archives: May 2009 – Helping people help themselves. A text message service for disaster situations

Anne Naukkarinen, Mads Crone Köser, Philip Kongsgaard Døssing (team 1). Concept website: Download a documentation package (zip) containing a keynote presentation and two posters of the concept. A video demonstrating a mobile prototype will be uploaded to the website … Continue reading

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ToGo Manuals Concept

ToGo Manuals is an online tool for WHO’s Health Action in Crisis department (HAC) staff involved in field work, whether leaving for, being in or returning from field. It provides instructional manuals of equipment, procedures and supplies. The manuals consist … Continue reading

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Spreading the word: Embedding as a means of advocacy – a soft approach to social media

Our concept is a small Flash application that any web user (WHO’s partners and the media/bloggers in particular) can embed to their site. The tool can show either a selected piece of WHO information – the most typical pieces being … Continue reading

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Rescue communication solutions

In an early stage of our study project we met with Nokia-Simens Networks people with a group of engineering students of the Helsinki University of Technology TKK. They were having a study project were students assignment was to create rescue … Continue reading

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Final presentations: video conference with WHO headquarters

The final session of the project took place 8 May, 13 – 15 pm (12:00-14:00 GVA), at third floor lecture room here in Media Lab Helsinki. During the session MA students presented the results of their design research efforts during … Continue reading

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Final deliverables: marking files, giving credits, adding metadata

Hei, Teemu asked me to do a short reminder about packaging the information and presentations of the whole project that we discussed. A summary of what we agree: 1) Every group will write one blog post with the concept name … Continue reading

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H1N1 and CDC’s textbook social media use

Amazing the way swine flu/H1N1 was picked up by social media, when WHO raised the pandemic level to an alarming 5 (out of 6), panicked people across the globe turned to the Internet for information. Throughout this feverish online activity, … Continue reading

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Flu Wiki

When following the media circus around the swine flu I have been thinking what would be a good source of information to follow the development. Naturally the WHO website is the best place to check the latest news, but if … Continue reading

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